£2million+ awarded to 6 (3 new) projects across County Tyrone through Space & Place Programme

A major announcement by The Space & Place Programme today has seen over £1million awarded to 3 new projects in County Tyrone as part of an overall £4.3 million total of grants awarded to 13 projects throughout Northern Ireland.

In total there has been £2,017,730 awarded to a total of 6 projects based in County Tyrone from Space and Place NI, with Loughmacrory Community Development Association, Eire Og Carrickmore and First Steps Women’s Centre, Dungannon all set to benefit considerably in exciting new projects with total funding awarded of £1,043,730 for those 3 new projects.

Meanwhile Scp Strabane, Benburb District Community Association and Scraghey & District Community Development Association all benefited from previous awards.

£350K Project in the Community of Loughmacrory, County Tyrone…

The project will see the construction of a 225m² extension to Loughmacrory’s existing “Loughview Centre” and is being developed in by Loughmacrory Community Development Association, which is a company limited by guarantee and registered with the Charity Commission NI.

The project will see the construction of a 225m² extension to their existing “Loughview Centre” and will have two key elements: firstly the ground floor will consist of a gym specifically for older and less abled people, and secondly the 1st floor will consist of a multi-purpose studio, which will be used for dance classes, fitness classes, etc.  There will also be the construction of a 300m lighted riverside board walk, connecting more dated community infrastructure to the new more recently constructed community infrastructure within the village as well as the provision of some allotments adjacent to the riverside walk. They also aim to employ a part time Physical Activities Officer whose responsibility it will be to deliver activities and initiatives at the new facilities.  The creation of additional space and a dedicated 1st floor studio will free up the existing ground floor space to be used as a meeting space rather than as an ad-hoc fitness studio as at present.

The group hopes this project can have a major impact on this rural area which will enhance community integration and inclusion.

£350k Project for Éire Óg An Charraig Mhór Hurling and Camogie Club…

Eire Og is based in Carrickmore in County Tyrone and has been operating in the village since 1970. The club see themselves as being at the forefront of developing community, cultural and sporting activities. They believe that it is their role to push boundaries to be more than ‘just’ a sporting organisation and have strived to play a key role in developing a broad range of activities for all ages, genders and abilities within the local community. They continue to look to extend the range, quality and reach of their services and have a key role to play in improving the quality of life of all rural dwellers.

They sought funding from the Space & Place programme for the development of a multi-use community facility on the site of a previously contested space within the village. They have recently taken on a lease for the site and have already invested a considerable sum of their own money to deliver a grass pitch for the playing of hurling. They wish to develop the accompanying community elements to the project to transform it into a wider community project accessible to all members of the community. The key elements of the project include: a 1.5m wide flat perimeter walking track with lighting around the outside of a new pitch; outdoor gym equipment located around the perimeter of track; a semi covered area for indoor games, events and other activities such as farmers markets, fundraisers (e.g. car boot sales); a new sensory/community garden (including fixed seating); a new 70m X 4 lane running track (to athletics standard) and a Men’s Shed project.

The group believes the project can have a positive impact on the lives of this rural community and that it will deliver an integrated community space which should assist with creating greater community connections, helping to address social isolation and generate increased social capital within the area. The group feels confident that the project can be a catalyst to greater partnership working within the area.

First Steps Women’s Centre, Dungannon, awarded £343,730…

First Steps Women’s Centre (FSWC) in Dungannon was first started in 1998 and is a charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. It is a member of the Northern Ireland Regional Women’s Centre Network. The day to day management of the centre is tasked to the staff team with 18 Staff and a number of volunteers who assist them. Three of the current board of directors are from ethnic minority backgrounds – evidence of the reach of the centre into migrant communities within the Dungannon area, and three members progressed to the board having first come into contact with the group as service users. .

Their mission statement is: “To improve the quality of life for women through education and personal development, supporting women to make choices for the future”, and their objectives include relief of unemployment, advancement of education and provision of recreational facilities for women. They also offer services around community development and capacity building, confidential counselling as well as benefit advice and money management.

Their project aims to renovate and expand their current premises. The work will seek to bring derelict space within the centre into productive use for the delivery of services to the community and will allow them to provide the following elements: a permanent crèche facility, computer suites, counselling room, multi-purpose training Rooms, enlarged kitchen, as well as therapy rooms and better office and toilet provision.

This redevelopment will allow FSWC to enhance and increase the services they offer the local community – both indigenous and from the large ethnic minority community they serve in the Dungannon area. The new facilities will allow increased uptake of courses, provide a permanent childcare element within the centre for those taking part in programmes, and also offer space and programmes that can help to target some of the health issues identified through the group’s consultation process. The increased space would also allow FSWC to address the waiting list they have for courses and training.


£308K Project in the Benburb & District Community, County Tyrone…

With their Space & Place grant, the group will develop a walking trail, fitness pods, social hubs, a Grow Wild area and fencing around an existing sports pitch.

The Benburb and District Community Association was established in 2004 as an umbrella group for a range of community and voluntary organisations within the village, and in 2014 it was accepted as a charity by HMRC. It operates with a voluntary committee and delivers all its activities and programmes with the aid of volunteers.

With their Space & Place grant, the group will develop a walking trail, fitness pods, social hubs, a Grow Wild area and fencing around an existing sports pitch.

The project will allow the community to take part in activities aimed at improving health and wellbeing in an accessible, well-lit safe space.

The various elements have been developed in consultation with the community who made suggestions that have then been incorporated into the design process. This project will turn, what is an underused, neutral space within the village, into a useful, busy, shared space open to all and used for a range of activities aimed at enhancing the connections of the community.

• Click Here for previous Press Release from Space & Place NI regarding award to Benburb & District Community

Scraghey & District Community Development Association, West Tyrone awarded £349,000…

The Scraghey & District Community Development Association are refurbishing and extending a recently closed primary school – allowing it to be used for a wide range of community activities.

Scraghey & District Development Association was formed in 2012 to advance the economic, social and environmental needs of the rural people in the Scraghey & District area – a rural townland in the most westerly part of Tyrone, straddling the border and located across Strabane, Fermanagh, Omagh and Donegal.

With their Space & Place funding, the group are going to refurbish and extend St Davog’s Primary School which was built in the 1950s but closed in 2012.

Once the refurbishment and extension has been completed the building will be used for a range of community activities including tea dances, indoor football, fitness classes and general health and well-being activities.

Facilities such as the kitchen and toilets will also be upgraded which will allow the venue to be used for birthday parties and other large gatherings.

The project builds on a community-led opportunity to reuse the building to provide the surrounding isolated homes with a friendly and welcoming cross-community facility for use throughout the day as well as in the evenings and at weekends.

A biodiversity plan will be established to maximise the outdoor space, promoting an interest in nature and the local environment. Whilst a community garden will help promote a healthier lifestyle as the community will be encouraged to grown their own food.

Ultimately, this project will provide a number of ways to increase community connections and the physical and mental well-being of an isolated rural community.

• Click Here for Press Release on previous awards to Scraghey District & Community Development Association and Strabane Community Project Limited

£317,000 Project for Strabane Community Project Ltd…

Strabane Community Project Ltd will purchase and renovate a house in the centre of Strabane which will act as their new base as well as a meeting place and a resource for the community.

Strabane Community Project has been in existence for over 25 years to help meet the needs and demands of residents in the Strabane District through their services such as meals on wheels, a luncheon club and their anti-poverty work.

The growing need for their services and activities means that they are unable to do some of their vital work in the limited and cramped facilities available. With their Space & Place funding, they plan to purchase a house across from their existing base at St Patrick’s Hall in Strabane.

Once upgraded and renovated, the new facility will create a permanent meeting place for the community, act as an educational base and an area for social enterprise, which will link people to advice and support workers.

Thanks to the local parish, the group will lease a large plot of land behind the house and transform it into a community vegetable garden and community allotment scheme – providing a safe, enjoyable learning environment for the community.

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