First winner in Tyrone Life Spitting Image Series January 2015

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Since the launch of our Spitting Image series here at Tyrone Life, initially through our People in Focus Profilees and then making it open to the public, we have had over 2,600 submission in all. Overall 500 have made it into our actual Spitting Image Gallery to date and we have many more which will still be posted in the month ahead.

As per our announcement in December however, we have collated the original 500 submissions which have been published and created this album of the Top 50. This is based on the number of Likes, comments, shares, etc… on our Official Tyrone Life Facebook Page and here on our website.

There has certainly been massive engagement from our Fans here at Tyrone Life in this Spitting Image series and we are excited by the continued level of increasing focus by our readers on both our website and social media pages. With so many more great new features and plans for Tyrone Life, we have no doubt that you will continue to follow what we have to offer.

And remember, we will soon be launching a host of additional FREE digital additions including our Free E-Zine and Online Digital Magazine with special Tyrone Life video focus coming later this year. Stay tuned…

CLICK HERE to view the full Spitting Image Gallery of over 500 submissions published so far

For now we are announcing the first Winners in our Spitting Image Series here at Tyrone Life.

Following over 40,000 likes and comments, and an incredible total of 1.3 million post clicks so far, the first Winner in our Tyrone Life Spitting Image series is Pauric McAnenly from Ballygawley. Pauric’s image alongside Jim Carrey certainly proved a winning combination and was not just the only spitting image to cross 400 but it went all the way to 512 posit likes/comments/shares. Pauric claims our First Place Prize for January 2015 with JJ Kane of Galbally taking 2nd Place (his spitting image with Will Ferrell in Elf and 3rd place goes to Emmett Bradley of Greencastle.


Winner: Pauric McAnenly, Ballygawley; 2nd Place: JJ Kane, Galbally; 3rd Place: Emmett Bradley, Greencastle.

For now we have a small list of prizes to be chosen by our Winner Pauric McAnenly (a prize also to the person who submitted the image) and we ask our 3 Prize winners to contact us here to decide which Prize they prefer. Once that is compete we will post our Prize winners and what they have won.


Winner: Pauric McAnenly, Ballygawley (512)

2nd Place: JJ Kane, Galbally (367)

3rd Place: Emmett Bradley, Greencastle (357)

Close behind were Tejay Richards from Omagh (346), Gary McNulty from Gortin (319), Marius Monaghan from Fintona (309), Conzy Donaghy from Killeeshil (307), Emmett Neeson from Augher and Liam Armstrong from Carrickmore (299).

We have now published here in the gallery below the TOP 50 in Our Spitting Image Series as at end of January 2015! The images are shown in order of most likes/comments/shares starting with our First Placed winner.

Remember to Stay tuned for a host of exciting new features, competitions and items to follow here on Tyrone Life…

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