“Home Sweet Home”! We did it! Crying Happy Tears! ? …BILLY returns home

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binäre optionen anyoption No greater VALENTINE’s LOVE than that of a Mother and Child!

annonces rencontres au senegal Great News as Charlotte and Billy return to Ireland… ? ?

http://plugwayapp.com/?biznes=rencontre-gratuite-plus-de-50-ans&d5f=1a Here at #TyroneLife we are delighted to have received this from Charlotte Caldwell from Castlederg with great news about Billy…

http://sundekantiner.dk/bioret/165 “Home Sweet Home”! We did it!  Crying Happy Tears! ?

Tadalafil Tastylia orally disintegrating strips “Me and my wee Epilipsy Warrior have touched down at last on home soil in Dublin Airport, after what I can only describe as a rollercoaster, 6 month stay in L.A.”

frau mit muskeln sucht mann

https://cryptonextlevel.com/miser/6529 Dr.James Linden, Greenlight Medicine, a highly experienced pharmaceutical professional and scientist based in Ireland, has being working tirelessly this last number of months to procure CBD/THC that can replace the supplement that Billy has been using successfully in L.A. To treat his life threatening Epilepsy.

enter Charlotte and Billy return home on Monday

Incredibly, like a dream come true, he has achieved this and on Billy’s return home on Monday, he can provide Billy CBD/THC whole plant extract manufactured to pharmaceutical standards and 100% legal in both U.K and ROI.

Folks, you can contact hello@greenlightmedicienes.com, so you to can now avail of CBD/THC for your children and loved ones – All available within the Law. As you can all imagine I am just elated!

Late last night Michelle O ‘ Neill our Health Minister called me, she has reassured me she will do everything in her power to follow in the footsteps of ROI and look at CBD/THC on prescription for families who desperately need it. Billy’s Law?.

Folks in the interim all can avail of CBD/THC through Greenlight Medicine, Dublin. One very happy Mammie. ??

With the help of Pat Doherty, Barry McElduff and Dr.John Burton we had started the process of application for Billy – ECR( Extra Contractorl Referral) to LA., back in November 2016, which would be a huge help towards Billy’s Medical costs and relieve us of some of the financial burden.

To date the process has not being completed…

Minister O’Neill has also reassured me she will do everything in her power to expediate this process, on the basis that Billy was refused treatment at home. All crossed including my toes it will be successful. ?

Folks , at this moment in time we have no other choice but to continue to fundraise. Billy’s already Mounting Medical Costs have to be paid in LA., regardless of what happens.

Myself and my wee Warrior will be back on home turf for the next 8/9 weeks. In that time I will be trying to access a Pediatric Epiltoligist that will look after my wee man long term.

The plan is to return to LA and have what is hopefully Billy’s last Brain Scan and Dr.Nordli’s Medical Opinion on “What is next for Billy” – Surgery etc. and hoping I find a Pediatric Epiltoligist at home that will take over Billy’s Care Plan at home.

A huge big shout out for Pat Doherty, who has helped us tirelessly, taking midnight calls etc. Never giving up on Billy! Minister O’Neill for listening and hopefully over the next few weeks will be able to help us. Dr.John Burton, as always like Pat , on the end of the phone regardless of what time. You guys are amazing!

Folks our journey is by no means over yet, but incredibly today we are one step closer thanks to Billy’s Hero, Dr.James Linden, Greenlight Medicine.

Words cannot express how I am feeling, but what I do know is this, my wee Epilipsy Warrior would not be here today if it weren’t for all you beautiful, kind, generous, supportive folks out there. I don’t believe you folk realise what you have done for Billy and I. You have given me back my right as a mammie to hope, but most importantly, you have given Billy back his right to life.

For that I am truly indebted to you all.

Love and Big Irish Mammie Hugs to each and every single one of you.??

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