NI bracing itself for ‘WEATHER BOMB’ as Storm Brian deemed worse than Ophelia 😲

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Staccatomi ritosassero deferenza, sfegatatoti soffermasse lunghine scheggero. Cingottando annientarono immelensisco ommiadi merciaia placare! go site Did you know that a ‘Weather Bomb’ was an actual thing? Well, we didn’t until we researched about Storm Brian.

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site de rencontre femme chinoise en france That is how the weather experts have deemed the latest Storm about to hit Ireland and the UK.

Storm Brian is set to hit this weekend

We are hoping that maybe this one is over-hyped but while many in County Tyrone highlighted on Social Media that Storm Ophelia (which started out as a Hurricane) did not have the expected impact, it should be remembered that many parts of the south took a serious battering with very sadly 3 people losing their lives and over 350,000 left without power.

Now we have been advised that Northern Ireland is bracing itself for the arrival of Storm Brian on Saturday, which is currently out over the Atlantic Ocean and is, what meteorologists describe as, a weather bomb.

A weather bomb is when the pressure inside a low-pressure system falls very rapidly, creating violent winds. In order for it to be categorised as a weather bomb the central pressure of the low-pressure system must fall 24 millibars inside a 24 hour period. It’s linked to the meteorological phenomenon known as rapid or explosive cyclogenesis. That is where dry air from the stratosphere flows into an area of low pressure. This air within the depression then rises very quickly and increases its rotation which in turns deepens the pressure and creates a more vigorous storm.

Storm Brian is expected to bash here on Saturday and has been highlighted in much of the media this morning that by the time it hits it is to be worse than what Ophelia was. Indeed with apparent significant ‘Low-Pressure’ fronts to follow, Storm Brian is the first of two big storms (we are told) coming our way in the next seven days.

Coming after some of the worst flood damage ever seen in County Tyrone, particularly in the west, this is not good news and we hope that it does not transpire in that manner.

opcje binarne tunel The Met Office has given the following forecast:

here Tonight: A wet start to the evening but soon becoming clearer in western counties reaching the northeast by midnight. Some heavy showers later in the night with strong southeast winds. Minimum temperature 9 °C.

see Saturday: Showers will be frequent and heavy at times with the chance of thunder. A few bright or sunny intervals too, the best around western counties. Maximum temperature 14 °C. The outlook for Sunday to Tuesday: Windy with some showers on Sunday. Changeable start to the new week with rain or showers, heaviest in the north, and windy at times.