People Focus: Ruairi Loughran has sights set on O’Neill Cup goal

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follow url Following the All Ireland senior football decider, which ultimately failed to live up to expectations in terms of quality, all eyes around the country will refocus to the club championship race in each county.

Next Sunday 28th September will be D Day in the O’Neill Cup race in Tyrone as Carrickmore St. Colmcille’s go in search of an unprecedented 16th title win against a highly regarded young Omagh team who are bidding to bring the honours to St. Enda’s for just the second time in 51 years.

Carrickmore captured the league title twelve months ago, following a county final defeat to Clonoe, and now bid to go one better in the championship. Wing-half back, Ruairi Loughran, was one of the stars of the 2013 campaign, winning a Teamtalkmag All Star award for his efforts, and he continues to impress in the 2014 season.


Carrickmore team which won the 2013 ACFL Division 1 league title and who are again just one step away from championship title success, when they take on Omagh in the final next Sunday

Tyrone Life spoke with Ruairi Loughran ahead of the weekend’s big event in Tyrone as we provide the latest addition to our ‘Tyrone People in Focus’ profiles…

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People Focus: with Ruairi Loughran, Carrickmore St. Colmcille’s

click When did you first start playing football and can you tell us about your earliest experiences with the club:
I first started playing football at the age of six. I remember being dumped off at Pairc Colmcille by my mother and I’ve loved every minute of being there since!

rencontres femmes togo Football Honours & Achievements:
Under 16 Tyrone league, 2013 ACFL Division 1 Senior league, 2010 Ulster Minor football Championship with Tyrone, 2010 All Ireland minor football Championship with Tyrone.


Celebrating success with club colleagues at the 2013 Teamtalkmag Tyrone GAA All Star Awards

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I’m a busy man these days so it’s hard to find time for hobbies! When I find time I enjoy heading to the gym or pool and chancing my arm at different types of sports, except for Golf as I spend most of my time in the hedges (Caolan Daly can clarify this). I suppose you could say I enjoy the odd bit of socialising with friends as well.

watch School Years: Can you tell us a bit about your school years, three big moments that stand out for you and who would have had a big influence on you in those years – sporting or non sporting:
I have had some great memories throughout my time at school. It’s only when you look back that it makes you realise that they are indeed the “best days of your life!” I spent my earlier years in St. Columcille’s Primary School and then moved further down the road to the Dean Maguirc College. It’s clear to see that I am indeed a Carrickmore man through and through.
It was in the primary school where I knew that football was always going to be a big part of my life. The likes of Sean O’Kane coaching us on a weekly basis certainly encouraged me to work hard and develop my skills from a young age. When I moved to the Dean it was the likes of Enda Kilpatrick and Gavin Mc Elroy that ensured me that football was as important as education!
The eventful “white shirts” v “blue shirts” that took place on the top tennis courts at dinner time was something that I have fond memories off. Being captained under such great names as Aidan Rafferty will be a memory that I will treasure forever. In my junior years at school it was the hard-fought trips across the back fields to Bernie Gallaghers, all in aid of a 15p fredo bar, that I realised how truly picturesque Carrickmore actually is “haha” – although this excuse did not cut it when me and the lads were caught out on several occasions, as our names often made it into Mr O’Neills black book.
There was never a dull moment in my time at the Dean, the craic was always ninety and the teachers there played a major influence on my life as I am now currently pursuing a career in teaching myself.


Celebrating with family following the Senior league triumph with Carrickmore Teenage years: When growing up can you tell us about your three biggest memories of football in club or county…

go (i) as a spectator: When growing up as a child in Carrickmore success was plentiful. Down through the years I was lucky enough to witness many great teams deliver championship success. The memories I have of the O’Neill Cup being brought back to Quinn’s corner motivated and encouraged me to work hard and continue my footballing career into senior level. It’s hard really to pin-point any specific moments but watching a fellow clubman have such a big role to play in helping Tyrone lift Sam Maguire for the first time in 2003 was something special. The back-to-back championship successes in 2004 and 2005 was a standout moment for me also, it’s just a pity I was too short to reach the bar back at that stage!

site rencontre philippines (ii) as a player: My greatest memories as a player would have to be when I first achieved success in the Carrickmore jersey at under 16 level, even though it did take sixteen years it was well worth the wait, Noel Slane would surely agree! It’s just a pity such greats at Stephen Fox and Brian Maguire are no longer playing beside me.  Winning the senior league title last year for me was also a stand-out moment. It was my first senior medal with the club and it certainly installed belief and gave the younger lads on the team a taste of success at senior level. I was also fortunate enough to be part of the 2010 All Ireland winning minor team, it was a great journey where great memories and friends were made!

rencontre 41 gratuit Tyrone Life – My thoughts on…

…your community & your club where you grew up?

No matter where I go Carrickmore will always hold a special place in my heart. The memories I have of growing up in Carrickmore always manage to put a smile on my face. I was lucky enough to live in the town boundaries so everything was always near at hand for me. It wasn’t often I was sitting in the house with nothing to do. I spent my evenings rotating between the sports of football, handball and hurling – something was always going to have to give-way!
The early sunday morning handball sessions was always something that I treasured. There is a strong handball club in Carrickmore and I spent a lot of my time down around the alley. Handball certainly brought me on and took me all over Ireland to various competitions.

Many nights and summers were spent in the youth club where mischief was never far away. I mind my good pal Micky Donaghy getting his first ‘curt’ in the tuck-shop kitchen, don’t worry Lycrecia that was long before you ever came on the scene! haha
There’s a great sense of community about Carrickmore which is enhanced through it’s strong GAA roots and I’m glad to be a part of it. When growing up GAA was a huge part of my family life and it still is to this day, I have to be thankful that my parents were always there to encourage and support me the whole way up through my underage career.


With Plunkett Daly – a real Carrickmore character! – and friends (Brian Maguire, Padraig Slane and Conor McAleer) on a night out

…some of the big characters in your community/club when you were growing up and any memories, stories or ‘nicknames’ that jump out when talking about them?

In Carrickmore there are plenty of big characters. Plunkett Daly is one who cannot go without a mention, although he lives in sixmilecross due to his dedication to his job. He certainly is a Carrickmore man at heart. In recent months there has been a few stories floating about the club with Plunky and his antics away on Barrys Daly’s stag do in Newcastle, questions still to be answered!
Conor “spirlo” Mullan is another big character around the club – his Friday nights are usually spent in Gerry’s with the usual Friday crew although I have now heard he swapped the brown shoes for a pair of fancing ones instead – he’ll do anything to impress this new women of his.

…three players from your own club and three from another club who impressed you in any club matches this year

From my own club Martin Penrose, Colm McGurk and Michael Slane have all been impressive throughout the year. I’m hoping their form throughout the season can continue into Sundays Game! Players from other Clubs that impressed me throughout the season would have been Conall McCann from Killyclogher, when we played them in the league he fielded some great ball that day. Peter Hughes from Eskra was another player who impressed when we played them in the championship, he was always an option for them and got on plenty of ball.

…watching Carrickmore teams over the years, 3-5 Carrickmore club players who stood out for you. What things impressed you about watching these players?

When looking down through the years there has been some great footballers who have worn the Carrickmore jersey, there were teams oozing with players who knew what it took to win championships and the hard-work and dedication that came with it.

Players that stood out for me and who I looked up to as a child were the likes of Ronan Mc Garrity, his reading of the game was exceptional and his will to win attitude at all costs was something I admired greatly.

You also had  players like Seamy Mc Callan, Ciaran Loughran and Brian Gormley who all are well decorated with senior championship medals and have had many great years playing for Carrickmore. On the current team, Conor Gormley, Martin Penrose, Colm Mc Gurk and Mark Donnelly have been stand out players over this last few years. It has been a great pleasure and opportunity for me to be given the chance to play alongside players of their caliber and it is something I relish immensely.


in action at the 2013 County Senior Championship final

…your experience of the final in 2013 and how you, and other players look back on that now and what you do to prepare for next Sunday’s final?

County Final day is something every player in Tyrone wants to be a part off. It’s what makes the cold frosty nights running around the field with not a ball in sight all worthwhile! I’m lucky enough to be back again this year with a chance to put things right after coming up short last year. Im really looking forward to Sunday where I know tough opposition awaits us. It’s just a matter of getting the final preparations right in the coming week and going out and giving it our all on the day.

Social Life – My thoughts on…

…things you enjoy best about the ‘weekend’ and favourite things to do?

Your probably asking the wrong man, sometimes they can be a struggle to remember! They are usually taken up by football and socialising but I’ve yet to master how the two go hand in hand. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and of course many weekends are spent wearing the Carrickmore jersey, which still brings as much pleasure as it did the first time I put it on as it does now. As the lads would say “Best days of your life”!! I also enjoy settling down with a  good sports autobiography accompanied by a tasty wee latte.

…places you have travelled to (anywhere in the world) – and best memories & places that rally stood out?

Apart from the yearly trips to Spain I’m not all that well travelled. I have also been to France and Italy on holidays as well. The way I look at it is that my travelling days are all still in front of me. I am currently in England carrying out a PGCE so once I get that done and dusted I aspire to get out and about and really see the world! A stand out memory for me to a place I have travelled would be last year’s trip to France with the P.E crew from St.Mary’s College Belfast! It was a fun-packed few days with a few crazy characters (No names mentioned)

I certainly want to get out to America for a summer to experience playing football for a club out there. Thailand also is certainly on the agenda, them full moon parties look like the ticket!

Best days are always in the future”


With the St. Mary’s PE crew on a trip to France

For fun…

3 Funniest club playing colleagues:

There is some great characters around the changings rooms and one thing for sure is that there is never a dull moment in the camp when the likes of Barry Daly, Conor “spirlo” Mullan and Conor Gormley are about. It’s getting Barry home after the training is the tricky part as he tends to lose track of time when the craic gets going in the tea rooms! “Kick her now if you had her”!!

Use one word you think best describes each of the 3 players you named above: Entertaining!

Tell us your favourite Joke? Im a serious man at all times!

Funniest person you know? One sentence that best describes them? Jimmy Lennon from Galbally-The silver Fox!


Name 2 people who you’ve always thought were ‘spitting doubles’: “Barry Daly and Marty Morrissey – I think its the receding hair lines that does it for me!”

My life & favourites…

Gaelic Footballers: Conor Gormley, Ronan Mc Garrity (Carrickmore), Ciaran McDonald (Mayo)

Sports: Handball, Hurling,Football

Sportstars: Brian O Driscoll, Usain Bolt

Celebrities: WIll Smith, Meghan Markle, David Beckham

Band/Singers: James Bay, Kings of Leon, Ludovico Einaudi – The mans a genius!

Music Video: Anything with Beyonce/Shakira, I love the tone of their voice

Here’s one just for fun…

TV Shows: Suits – a must watch! & Friday Night Lights.

Movies: Good Will Hunting, Coach Carter, P.S. I Love you (Being dead serious)

Food: Boojum, Karen Loughran’s Sunday roast!

Place (apart from home): Belfast, some memories had there.

Pub: The famous Gerry’s

Nightclub: Gerry’s again, only this time the jukebox is in full flow.

Sports Venue: Croke Park (Headquarters)

Facebook or Twitter? Why? Twitter, can do nothing on Facebook without being ruined.

Best thing on the internet? Oh dear.

Inspirational Quote you like? 

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal!” Henry Ford