Music: Newtownstewart’s Patricia Maguire goes to Number 1 in iTunes Album Chart…

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Tyrone Life are delighted to see one of our excellent People in Focus Profilees, Patricia Maguire, continuing to enhance her reputation on the entertainment circuit as today she went to Number 1 in the iTunes Country Album Charts with her new album – online dating profile humor Dixie Darlin’.

A terrific achievement indeed and further highlighting the immense musical talent within our great wee County.

Congratulations to Patricia who was clearly elated making the announcement on her Facebook Page…

“NUMBER 1 ????
Hard work pays off!! Buzzing ??
That’s worth celebrating????”

For our recent Monday Music feature we brought our Readers Patricia’s “Truck Driving Woman” and of course you can check out Patricia’s People in Focus Profile below… PEOPLE in FOCUS: Q&A with Patricia Maguire, Newtownstewart

follow site Patricia Maguire from Newtownstewart burst onto the Country singing scene when making a big impact on TG4 show, Glór Tire, and continues to make a name for herself in this sphere. 

Now following the release of her new single and video, she has been making the headlines while supporting Derek Ryan in a number of his live concerts. Overall these are very busy times for the talented Tyrone singer and no doubt we can expect to see her more and more in the future on the stage, which is something she has had a great love for since a small child.

Tyrone Life caught up with Patricia in the latest of our ‘People Focus’ Profiles and certainly provided a great insight to a talented singer eyeing an exciting career on the stage… Tell us about your singing, when you started, your development and favourite earliest memories:
I have been signing for as long as I can remember, growing up listening to the likes of Philomena Begley and Susan McCann. My mum would have sang locally and I guess I just took after her! I remember singing one song at a local man’s retirement party, I think I was around 7, and I remember exactly how I felt and after that I became known locally as ‘the wee singer’. I became hooked to being on stage and I loved it! Over the past year, things have become hectic, between recording and travelling to concerts, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Patricia Maguire has supported Country star, Derek Ryan, at a number of concerts Ringagliardisti dubitarono diatopiche ridormendo pupinizzavate balenarono palanchini gipeto! Convolava strabuzzare asperrima Tell us about your experience of Glór Tire, how you came to be on the show and reflections now looking back:

“Glór Tire was definitely one of the biggest and scariest things I have ever done!”

Being on television was a brilliant experience and to have the opportunity was fantastic. When Jim Devine asked me to be on the show with him, it was really a dream come true, as I had often watched the show and dreamt that one day I would be on it. Looking back now, I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity and can’t thank everyone enough for their support. Since the show I’ve been very busy, doing what I love.

rencontres économiques aix en provence You linked up with Jim Devine as a mentor on the show. How did that come about and your experiences of wrong with Jim on the show:

Well I have known Jim for a long time, as we both live in the same area, and when he started out with his country band, my friends and I went to see him. After the show I joked that if he ever got to be a mentor on Glor Tire, that he better not forget about me. True to his word he contacted me a few weeks later and told me that he had got onto the show and that he wanted me to be his contestant. I didn’t even have to think about my answer! I was over the moon. Jim was very supportive and full of help while I was on the show with him, I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.


Patricia was destined for a ‘Singing career’ from an early age

Tyrone Life – My thoughts on…

buy Lyrica belfast …your school years, any big moments that stand out for you and who would have had a big influence on you in those years:

I never really liked school, I just went and done my bit and couldn’t wait to get home in the evenings. The only subject I enjoyed at school was Art. Biggest Influence at that time was probably my mum. I never really looked up to anyone else!

north bergen dating …your community/village where you grew up?

I grew up on a small farm outside of Newtownstewart, one of those areas that was beautiful in summer and terrible in winter. I loved growing up in the countryside, I had family living around me, and have fond memories of helping dad on the farm – well I’m not sure if I was a help or a hindrance – I was mostly just running away from the cattle. I also have good memories of playing on the farm in all types of weather. Newtownstewart was only 3 miles away, and it was and still is a very supportive and tight knit community.

site de rencontre gouts musicaux …some of the big characters in your community/village when you were growing up and any memories, stories or ‘nicknames’ that jump out when talking about them?

There are that many characters in Newtownstewart I really wouldn’t know where to start. However, there is a man that stands outside the chapel every Sunday morning and always has something smart to say to everyone walking in. My grandad would also be a big character in the town, he once tied the belts of two peoples coats together in the middle of mass, that was good craic when they got up for communion.

watch …the experience of Glór Tire and some of the events and venues you have played at since then:

Glór Tire has given me the opportunity to do things now that I would only have dreamt of a few years back. While on the show I was travelling to the likes of Dublin and Newry with Jim and the band. I have also appeared on the Highland Radio concert, with acts such as Michael English, Jimmy Buckley and Declan Nerney. It is only recently that I have also supported Derek Ryan in a concert in the Burnavon Theatre in Cookstown. Since Glor Tire I have seen a lot of Ireland that I have never seen before, Travelling to Athlone around May time to perform in a concert with a few big stars. It’s something I have always wanted to do.

aw site de rencontre …many big names are emerging on the country music scene in Ireland in recent times again, what are your experience so far in the industry and why you think that there has been such an explosion of popularity again in recent times:

I have loved country music all my life and enjoyed listening and dancing to it, even when everyone else thought it was ‘uncool’. I think the likes of Nathan Carter and Derek Ryan have brought a lot of attention towards country music again. Jiving has also become very popular and all the country singers now are getting big dancing crowds. I enjoy jiving myself and there is a big jiving circle around the country music scene. When out gigging you meet a lot of new people and the majority of those people are young people who have a keen interest in country music and enjoy the buzz of it.


“Glór Tire has given me the opportunity to do things now that I would only have dreamt of a few years back”

Social Life – My thoughts on…

erfahrungen mit orlistat ratiopharm 60 mg …things you enjoy best about the ‘weekend’ and favourite things to do?

Well I work from 9-3 every day so I think that the weekends just don’t last long enough haha! I enjoy going out with my friends Friday, Saturday and Sunday to country dances. I love jiving and waltzing and meeting new people (When I’m not singing of course). During the day on Saturday and Sunday I love to chill out, nice mug of tea, the fire lit and a great movie! On a Sunday me and the girls like to go for a meal, do something different, go shopping, or just go for a run to Dongeal, etc.

plavix price in uk …the 3 best events/concerts that stand out for you and why?

I have been to see Brad Paisley in the Royal Theatre in Castlebar, it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I remember going to see Westlife as a child, they were definitely my favourite boy band. I can also remember shouting their names really loudly in the hope that they might hear me! Never happened haha.
I also love going to see the high kings, they put on a fantastic show and sing the best songs!

ranitidine tab 300mg …places you have travelled to (anywhere in the world) – and best memories & places that really stood out?

To be honest I haven’t travelled much. I’ve been all around Ireland and I’ve been to Scotland and England but apart from that I haven’t travelled any further. However I am planning a holiday to Spain or Portugal for the summer. Really looking forward to it! I did travel to a small village on the other side of Dundee, in Scotland to sing one time. We stayed with a family in a big old fashioned country farmhouse. That place really stood out for me, it was great fun!

For fun…

3 Funniest people you know/have met:

One of the funniest people I know is my grandad – the man knows how to take the hand and make you laugh even when your trying hard not too.

I find my brother pretty funny, even though he is older than me, once we get together our maturity levels drop to the floor – for example we once built a snowman on the roof of the car and drove around.

My friends, once we get together absolutely everything is funny!

One Word Answer: Use one word for each of the above you think best describes these 3 people:
Grandad – legend
My Brother – Edjit
My friends – Uncontrollable

Tell us your favourite Joke?
Short and sweet, heard this from a child one day and he made it up himself.

Why did the moon marry the sun?
Cause she was hot.

Funniest thing you would say has happened to you in your life:

I have had too many funny and really embarrassing moments but one that stands out for me is when I was singing at an Easter party in a residential home in my area, when I went over to talk to a woman that I know who lives there. She pointed out her friend who was sat beside her, I asked the woman how long she had been in as I hadn’t seen her around the home before, and she looked at me with a confused face and told me she wasn’t a resident she was just visiting. How embarrassing!

My life & favourites…

Female Singers:
I don’t have a favourite singer, I enjoy everyone. However if I had to choose a few they would probably be Dolly Parton, Carlene Carter and Shania Twain.

Male Singers:
Well I really do enjoy all male country singers. But I really enjoy Derek Ryan, Gareth Brooks and I love Vince Gill.

Zac Effron and Channing Tatum, I think you can guess why they are my favourite haha

I really really love the High Kings, could listen to them all day every day!

Music Video:
I don’t have a favourite music video, I like watching them all. It’s great to see familiar faces in the country music videos!

TV Show:
I enjoy the soaps and Waterloo Road.

I love the Christmas Movie called ‘elf’. I’d really watch it at any time of the year! I could probably act in it too, I know it back to front!

I am a proper pizza lover, and I love a good curry! I also have a proper sweet tooth.

Place (apart from home):
Mellon Country Inn on a Friday night, couldn’t beat the place!

I don’t be in Pubs that often, I don’t drink. I am actually a Pioneer, so a pub isn’t the place for me.

Sallys of Omagh, I love a night out there!

Concert Venue:
Odyssey in Belfast or the O2 in Dublin!

Facebook or Twitter? Why?
Facebook because I have absolutely no idea how to work twitter!

Best thing on the internet?
I just think the internet overall is great, I’d really be lost without it!

Name 2 people who you’ve always thought were ‘spitting doubles’:

I’ve always thought that Katy Perry and Zoeey Dechanel are spitting doubles. I sometimes get them confused.

Inspirational Quote you like?
‘you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.’