People in Focus: Aodh Ruadh’s Emma-Jane Gervin ‘working hard’ in pursuit of Tyrone success

Tyrone Ladies GFA is certainly making much of the headlines this week in County Tyrone and we must say it should be for all the right reasons. 

The terrific progress being made again in Ladies Gaelic Games in the county can be highlighted in no uncertain terms this coming Sunday at Croke Park, should the county win a first ever all Ireland Intermediate Football Championship title!

Once again, with an all Ireland Final on the horizon, Tyrone Life caught up with one of the young stars in the sport as we bring the latest in our People in Focus series with Dungannon Aodh Ruadh’s Emma-Jane Gervin.

Emma Jane Gervin with Club Colleagues, Maebh Mallon and Niamh Hughes, after Tyrone’s Ulster IFC title win 2017

Many thanks again to Emma for taking the time out to complete our feature this week and Good Luck to Emma and all the Tyrone Ladies squad in their bid for that historic All Ireland title win!

Q&A, People in Focus Profile
Emma Jane Gervin, Coalisland
Aodh Ruadh & Tyrone Ladies

Football Honours & Achievements:

  • Club
    • U14- League & Championship winners
    • U16- League & Championship winners x2
    • Minor- League x3 & Championship x2
  • County
    • U14-Ulster
    • Minor All-Ireland Final Runner-up – click here
    • Senior- Ulster Intermediate Championship
  • School
    • – U16- x2 Tyrone School Championships
    • -U19- Ulster Championship
    • -U19- All-Ireland Runner-up
    • – Ulster Colleges AllStar

Emma Jane Gervin was an Ulster Ladies Schools Allstar in the 2009/2010 season:

Hobbies & Other interests:

  • socialising with friends and family
  • walking the dog

School Years: Can you tell us a bit about your school years, three big moments that stand out for you and who would have had a big influence on you in those years – sporting or non-sporting:

During my school years, I had some great times. I spent 5 years in St Joseph’s College, Coalisland, and 2 years in St Patrick’s Academy, Dungannon, where I completed my A-levels. I really loved every minute of my time at St Joseph’s College, it is a great school and each and every one of the teachers had a big influence on me. As I had such a great time here as a student, I decided to do my year’s placement at St Joseph’s College under the guidance of the PE teachers Richard Thornton and Rose-Mary Nelis. I had great sporting success in the Academy, winning an Ulster title and reaching an All-Ireland Final, unfortunately, the result did not go our way on the day.

Emma with the Ulster cup alongside St. Joseph’s College teachers, Orla Barrett, Rose-Mary Nelis and Richard Thornton

Teenage years: When growing up can you tell us about your biggest memories of football in club and/or county,

(i) as a spectator…

  • Tyrone winning 3 All-Irelands
  • Coalisland Fianna winning the championship in 2010

(ii) as a player…

  • winning a league and championship in every age group throughout my youth
  • being the captain of every age group in the club

Tyrone Life – My thoughts on…

Where you came from: Tell us a bit about your community, your club and where you grew up?

I grew up in Coalisland and began playing football at the age of 5 for Coalisland Fianna, and was the first girl to play for the Fianna. I played alongside the boys to the age of 14 and, as there was no ladies team in Coalisland at that time, I started playing for Aodh Ruadh in 2003 and have been playing there ever since.

in action for Aodh Ruadh Ladies

Characters in the Community: Tell us about some of the big characters in your community/club when you were growing up and any memories, stories or ‘nicknames’ that jump out when talking about them?

Caroline McGrath and Martina Dillon where/are two of the big characters for Aodh Ruadh, who over the years have made huge efforts and commitment to the club.

“Caroline McGrath and Martina Dillon where/are two of the big characters for Aodh Ruadh, who over the years have made huge efforts and commitment to the club.”

Places in Tyrone: Can you tell us about three places in Tyrone which you feel would stand out for anyone visiting the County and which would be well worth going to see?

  • Coalisland Fianna field- great facilities
  • Garvaghy – great setup, even though it’s the coldest place in Ireland!
  • Down the ‘line’ in Coalisland

GAA Life – My thoughts on…

Former Tyrone greats: Can you tell us, from watching Tyrone ladies and men’s teams over the years, tell us three players whom you looked up to and who really stood out for you (and why) in the Tyrone Ladies teams and Men’s teams?


  1. Lynette Mc Shane
  2. Neamh Woods
  3. Maura Kelly


  1. Peter Canavan
  2. Sean Cavanagh
  3. Conor Gormley

Tyrone ladies defeated Sligo to secure a place in a first ever all Ireland Intermediate Football Championship final in Croke Park

Tyrone Ladies 2017:

You are part of the Tyrone ladies Team who are into the all Ireland Intermediate Championship final. Can you tell us about the season so far with the ladies and the progress made during the season:

We started pre-season training in October last year with Sarah Connolly, who is the Strength and Conditioning coach, and is fond of a red cone or two… We were unfortunate not to qualify for the semi-final of the league. From that, we have won the Ulster Intermediate Championship and have gained a few minor girls which is a great bonus to the team, as they drive everyone on and make training more competitive.

Your thoughts now looking ahead to the final against Tipperary and the prospect of walking out onto Croke Park on all Ireland Final Day:

3 Funniest club colleagues in the changing rooms:

  1. Aoife McGahan
  2. Laura Barker
  3. Elanna Arthurs

One Word Answer: Use one word for each what you think best describes each of the 3 players you named above:

  1. One-Liners
  2. Her Laugh
  3. Eejit

Emma Jane Gervin is guest at the Red and White Day in St. joseph’s Coalisland

Current Tyrone Ladies Team Could you put a player on the word that might best describe them below:

  • Confident: Shannon Quinn
  • Great craic: Maria Canavan
  • One-liners: Emma Smyth
  • Scary: Christiane Hunter (grey tops)
  • Tough: Caoileann Conway
  • Fast: Niamh ‘grenade’ Hughes
  • Skilful (sport): Lycrecia Quinn
  • Genius: Aine Canavan
  • Fashionista: Meabh Mallon

Tyrone captain Neamh Woods

Schools out in support of Tyrone this Sunday! Niamh Woods on the TG4 All Ireland Final vs Tipperary in Croke Park and her verdict on the Senior Final..

Posted by Ladies Gaelic Football on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Club Life – My thoughts on…

Aodh Ruadh: 5 things about my Club…

Tell us 5 things that stand out for you about your club and makes it so special:

  • – comradery
  • – stand alone ladies club
  • – been going 25 years this year
  • – some great songs produced ‘all you ruadh fans’, ‘the ruadh’s dynamite’ and ‘if you love the ruadh’ to name a few
  • – ‘aodh ruadh social club’ – I’ll say no more

Thoughts on the future for Aodh Ruadh?

– hopefully be a senior championship win within the next few years

Aodh Ruadh Senior Ladies Football Team, further images at

Social Life – My thoughts on…

Tell us about what things you enjoy best about the ‘weekend’ and favourite things to do?

I enjoy a good night out with friends and eating all day on a Sunday.

Tell us best places to go for a night out in (a) Tyrone (b) anywhere in Ireland?

  • Tyrone – McAleers
  • Ireland – Spy (Monaghan) & Coppers (Dublin)

Could you tell us what places you have traveled to (anywhere in the world) – and best memories & places that really stood out?

  • New York & Florida – 9/11 memorial was amazing in NY. It’s a must-see and Harry Potter world in Florida was class, absolutely loved America.
  • Thailand – traveled around for nearly 4 weeks, the scenery was unbelievable and met the half of Tyrone there.

For fun…

Funniest thing you would say has happened to you in your life:

– too much to choose from

Funniest person you know? One sentence that best describes them?

Daddy – Doesn’t know what to be at

Spitting Image – Name two people you always thought were spitting image doubles?

Caitriona Devlin & Whitney from Eastenders

Favourite Laugh out Loud Scene in a Movie?

All of ‘Girls Trip’


My life & favourites…

Gaelic Footballers (Mens and Ladies):

  • Peter Canavan
  • Neamh Woods & Ciara McGivern

Sports: Tennis

Sportstars: Serena Williams

Singer: Beyonce

TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Nashville, Prison Break

Movies: All Harry Potter movies

Item of clothing: Trainers

Food: Sunday Dinner & Chinese

Place (apart from home): America

Pub: McAleers

Nightclub: Coppers

Sports Venue: Croke Park

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat? Why?

Snapchat- feels like your out on a night out, when you’re not out

Favourite website? River Island

Inspirational Quote you like?

‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’

– Barry Grimes

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