People in Focus: Killeeshil’s Genevieve Scullion celebrates “Rose of Tralee” magic…

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order Pregabalin We have featured a number of stars in the Rose of Tralee series with connections to County Tyrone since we launched back in 2014 and now we bring another in the series as we caught up with the latest Tyrone Rose, Genevieve Scullion.

Genevieve is actually the third girl from Killeeshil, County Tyrone, to represent her local community at the Dome in Tralee and Genevieve can always reflect on such a magical and memorable moment.

Another excellent story with plenty of “Fun” and “Favourites” in this latest in our series…

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indicador opções binarias 60 segundos My thoughts on…

binäre optionen handeln anleitung Tyrone Rose Event: Buy Cialis 60 mg in Boston Massachusetts You have been selected as the Tyrone Rose for 2016. Can you tell us about the “Tyrone Rose” event and your experiences of this occasion?

The Tyrone Rose Selection process was brilliant. There were 10 girls interviewed on stage during Tyrone Rose and all of the girls represented themselves and their families with great pride. Before the event the Tyrone Rose Centre, Todd’s Leap and Corick House Hotel spoilt us as well we all received goodie bags from Bellamianta Luxury Tan and had the most amazing day being treated like princesses. It was just incredible to be selected as the Tyrone Rose and knowing that I will represent our lovely County in Tralee is very exciting. I loved the buzz from my supporters; their continued support makes the whole experience very rewarding. I now enjoy representing Tyrone at different events around the County and meeting other Roses at selections around the Country. I have very generous support from local businesses who have helped so much in preparing for Tralee with sponsorship.

binäre optionen club Rose of Tralee Festival: iqoption strategie The Rose of Tralee Festival is coming up now in August. Can you tell us about the event and have you any thoughts, the fact that you will now go there directly as Tyrone Rose and what your plans are now in the build-up to that highly prestigious event?

The Rose of Tralee International Festival is one of Ireland’s largest and longest running festivals, celebrating 57 years in 2016. The selection of the Rose of Tralee brings young women of Irish descent from around the world to County Kerry for a global celebration of Irish culture commending one with Irish descent who emulates the aspirations, ambitions, intellect, and social responsibility of a modern young woman. Usually 32 Roses are chosen from a pre-selection process in Portlaoise but this year all 67 Roses go to Tralee.

Tyrone Rose Genevieve Scullion in Tralee

Tyrone Rose, Genevieve Scullion, at the Rose of Tralee International Festival

I am really excited about this. That’s what makes this year so very special, since all the Roses get to take part in the entire festival.

When the Festival celebrated its 50th anniversary, the event had a similar structure and we were rooting for our Killeeshil girl Aideen (Manchester Rose 2009), who trained and inspired our youth football teams over many years. The festival runs from the 17th – 23rd of August and the first selection nights will take place in the Dome on the 17th and 18th. I will be on stage with Daithi on Wednesday 17th representing County Tyrone.

I have been to the Rose of Tralee as a fan. I went two years ago with a crowd of friends supporting another Killeeshil girl, Michelle Kelly (Scotland Rose 2014). We had a wonderful experience and I know it will be so special to return this year as a Rose.

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My brother Peter married Aisling (Fermanagh Rose 2007). Her fond recollections of Tralee and the lifelong friends she made there, inspired me to apply for this year’s festival.

Since being selected as this year’s Tyrone Rose I have finished University and I’m currently in Brazil visiting my brother, his wife and my new twin nieces.

Genevieve Scullion Tyrone Rose 1

“Since being selected as this year’s Tyrone Rose I have finished University and I’m currently in Brazil visiting my brother, his wife and my new twin nieces.”

I have already been swept up in a whirlwind of Rose of Tralee anticipation, with lots of interest, encouragement and good wishes from friends, old and new, on social media. I will now choose a charity that I will raise funds for throughout my year as Tyrone Rose.

I have been invited to various regional selection nights and it has been great meeting the other Roses, welcoming the new members to our class of 2016 Roses and sharing our excitement for what is to come. Already I have been to a variety of local events and celebrations as Tyrone Rose, talking about the Rose of Tralee International Festival and performing songs for Tyrone audiences. The events included; Aghaloo Fashion Show raising funds for their Ladies Football Team, Celebrating 25 years of Killeeshil Community Centre, Darkness into Light fund raising walk in Cookstown, Rise of the Roses Children’s Challenge and a Coffee Morning for Action Cancer.

I look forward to attending and helping out at many more events. When I return home from Brazil I will begin planning in earnest and preparing for Tralee. The Roses are representing their regions for 12 days of the Festival and as a design graduate I look forward to styling and showcasing some of the best of Tyrone fashions.

It is so brilliant that 67 Roses get to Tralee this year and I am delighted to be the 3rd Killeeshil girl in the Dome and I hope I can make County Tyrone very proud.

Genevieve Scullion Tyrone Rose 3

miglior sito segnali opzioni digitali Tyrone Life – My thoughts on…

Where you came from: Tell us a bit about where you grew up? Some fun and memorable childhood recollections?

I grew up in the hills of Killeeshil. Being part of a big family with 7 siblings and lots of cousins means that there are plenty of fun memories. I have a twin sister Anne and we were always together until we separated when she went to study in Newcastle University but we have a very special bond as twins.

Genevieve Scullion Tyrone Rose 4

Special stand out memories would be…

  • Spending our summer holidays with various cousins in Castlewellan, Co.Down.
  • Naming my little brother. At the time, my eldest brothers were football crazy and around the dinner table the boys thought it would be great to name the baby, if he was a boy, after the premiership top scorer for the year. Lucky for him it was Kevin Phillips, Nwankwo Kanu was unlucky that year. Nwankwo Scullion would be some name. Although, come to think of it, Kevin is named after his two grandfathers.
  • Car journeys were always eventful, when the 10 of us just about squeezed in.

“Hole in the wall.” This is a game we play at the back of the house. Anyone coming to our home knows they need good feet to compete with the accuracy of the Scullions.

Genevieve Scullion Tyrone Rose 5

School Life & early days: Tell us about your memories from School Days, social aspects and could you name three defining things that stand out for you in this period – ie. music, social life, sport, etc…?

I went to St.Mary’s Cabragh with the rest of my brothers and sisters. We had great success in all aspects of primary school life, especially in music and sport. I was lucky to be part of a very talented age group that triumphed in every competition we competed in. This was a massive achievement for the primary school and made memories of St Marys Cabragh very special.

I then followed my brothers and sisters to St.Patrick’s Academy in Dungannon. A stand out memory was winning the All-Ireland u16 Championship with my twin sister Anne and best friends from school and this was one of my top achievements in Gaelic Football.

Genevieve Scullion Tyrone Rose 6

I have very fond memories of my schooldays made all the more special by great friendships, achievements in sport and walking up the road home every day from the bus, visiting my elderly neighbour, who always had special teatime treats ready for us and finally racing to the lane so you weren’t left last to take up the bin.

Characters in the Community: Tell us about some of the big characters in your community/village when you were growing up and any memories, stories or ‘nicknames’ that jump out when talking about them?

Kevin Hughes – “Hub”

Kevin, Man of the Match in the 2003 All Ireland Final, has brought great success to our club and we are all very proud of his achievements with our Club and County. Celebrating his success with the club in a surprise chat show night was definitely a night to remember.

Genevieve Scullion Tyrone Rose 7

Eugene Stuart – “Gene”

Gene Stuart was a huge part of our community life and brought great kindness and talent to many fundraising and local events.

Master Kelly – “DK” – St Mary’s Cabragh Principal

Damian has had a huge influence in our community and I am glad that I went to school with him as Principal.

Genevieve Scullion Tyrone Rose 8 Damian Kelly

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Social Life – My thoughts on…

Tell us about what things you enjoy best about the ‘weekend’ and favourite things to do?

I have a brilliant part time job singing in The Black Cat Restaurant. This is an enjoyable way to spend Saturday and Sunday evenings, doing what I love and meeting lots of people.

I have finished university as a Web & Graphic Designer and look forward to setting up my business as a creative entrepreneur, I like working on design projects and catching up with friends at the weekend too.

Genevieve Scullion Tyrone Rose 9

Tell us about 3 big moments that stand out for you and why on (a) Sports and (b) Music/Concerts/Festivals?

  • A personal favourite sporting moment was winning the double and going on to take the Minor Ulster Championship title on our last year of youth football with our club Killeeshil GAA. I have had amazing years with Killeeshil Youth teams reaching 5 All Ireland Féile weekends and winning double titles from u14 right through to Minor. It was an honour to captain our first ever Killeeshil team to lift a Grade 1 double title alongside my twin sister; both of us playing midfield at the time.

Genevieve Scullion Tyrone Rose 10

  • One of my favourite music moments happened recently at Peter and Aisling’s wedding. All four sisters and some friends provided singing and music for the service and that evening Peter, the groom, and my three brothers surprised the bride with an amazing brass ensemble of Up Town Funk.

Genevieve Scullion Tyrone Rose 11

  • Another sporting event that stands out recently, was this year’s Grand National Horse Race. We always sit around and have a sweepstake so we can support a few horses each. This year we knew one of the riders and were watching closely, hoping that he made it over all the fences safely. But, we needn’t have worried – David Mullins, who is only 19, won the race in his first ever Grand National. It was an amazing achievement and he rode the horse like a true professional. My cousins experienced the great buzz in Liverpool supporting him; a massive achievement for all his family and a stand out moment for me this year.

If you were to throw a major party to celebrate your life, in addition to all your friends and family, could you name 5 people you know who you would have there (why?) and 5 people you don’t know who you would love to have there (why?):

My brother Christopher, his wife Aline and twin baby girls Luna and Bella who live in Brazil. I would also love to be reunited with Roseanna, a little girl I met in Africa who stayed close to me for the whole day and has the best smile I ever saw. To meet her again would be amazing.

Friends Cast except Ross. If they were there as their characters and I had to take 5, Ross gets the cut. Sorry Ross.

Genevieve Scullion Tyrone Rose 12

Could you tell us what places you have travelled to (anywhere in the world) – and best memories & places that really stood out?

I have travelled through Ireland and around the world. I have witnessed first hand how Irish culture brings people together. I love being Irish and being recognised as an Irish Girl. I have experienced different cultures and I am confident in sharing my own culture.

I love to travel and see the world. Anne and I didn’t take our first flight until we were 16 but since then we have travelled to many amazing places together:

  • Australia with Clare to see Peter and Aisling. Visited Brisbane, Cairns and Sydney
  • Inter-rail Europe. Visiting 21 cities in 22 days with our friend, Eva.
  • Africa with Friends of Africa. I spent 6 weeks in Tanzania, working with the Massai tribe, teaching English, Science and Maths at Summer Camp. Anne volunteered in South Africa.
  • We spent Christmas 2014 and New Year with Chris our brother and his wife Aline in Sao Paolo and Florianopolis
  • We made a road trip with our sister Michelle, visiting Nevada, then the West Coast of California as far as San Diego and back to San Francisco
  • I am currently in Brazil to visit my Brother and his wife Aline again but it is the first time visiting their twin daughters Luna and Bella. I will spend two weeks here before returning home and preparing for Tralee.
  • I have one more trip before Tralee. Last year, I promised to travel to Thailand and Dubai with my twin Anne and our friends after we finished college. This means we will have visited 6 Continents and I am very proud of that achievement at 22.

Genevieve Scullion Tyrone Rose 13

For fun…

3 Funniest people you know/have met:

My brother Christopher, Anton McGonnell and Pat Quinn (my friend Faoiltiarna’s Granda)

One Word Answer: Use one word for each of the above you think best describes these 3 people:

Witty, Comical and Talented

Tell us your favourite joke?

Most anything by Milton Jones.

My wife – it’s difficult to say what she does – she sells sea shells on the sea shore. (my dad answered this question)

Funniest thing you would say has happened to you in your life:

Playing board games at Christmas time. My little brother had to describe a famous person. For the full countdown he kept giving us clues and repeating, “You all know him, he’s a really really famous singer….” over and over, until the timer went off. Then he slammed down the cards disgusted that we didn’t get his great hints…“TONY BLAIR!!!!!!!!” He was so annoyed that none of us got it. He was very young at the time but it makes us laugh any time we think of it.

Name 2 people who you’ve always thought were ‘spitting image of each other’ (ideally one from Tyrone):

Michelle Scullion and Blake Lively

86 SpittingImage Michelle Scullion Killeeshil

Best “Laugh out Loud” Scene in a Movie:

Azooga scene from The little rascals. “HEEEYYYY NICE AZOOGAS” or “Hmmmm, prit-ty good pleading”

My life & favourites…

Item of clothing:


Fashion or Lifestyle Website/Blog/Facebook Page:

Joanna Cooper, Sophia Webster, Sinéad De Blogger and Emily Rose Hannon


Gaelic Football, Hole in the wall


Aidan O’Shea, David Mullins, Peter Canavan and Ronan Maguire


Beckhams, Lauren Conrad, Lennon Stella


Flook, Cuig, Lennon & Maisy


Cara Dillon, Gabrielle Aplin, Paul Brady and Christy Moore

Music Video:

Not a music video but Jimmy Kimmel’s “I told my kids I ate their Halloween Candy” videos are great for a good laugh at any time.


Lakes of Pontchartrain

TV Show(s):

Friends, Modern Family, Brooklyn99, Nashville, Hart of Dixie


The Little Rascals, Four Brothers and The Green Mile


A good breakfast

Places to see:


  • Lake Bled, Slovenia
  • Santa Cruz Boardwalk, California
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • Ngoro Ngoro National Safari Park, Tanzania
  • Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe California
  • Carrick a Rede Ropebridge, Antrim
  • Croagh Patrick
  • Rabbit Burrow View, up the hill at my house, (our view takes in the Mournes, Slemish, Sperrins and Donegal Mountains as well as Lough Neagh)

(Places I’d still like to see)

  • Great Wall of China
  • Sacred Mountain
  • Niagra Falls
  • Iguacu Falls, Brazil & Argentina
  • Hot air Balloon anywhere
  • Croke Park when Tyrone win another All-Ireland Final


Zara, H&M, ASOS


Quinns Corner, Co Tyrone – A great place for a party and pizza.


Any, with my friends

Sports or Concert Venue:

Croke Park

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Why?

Instagram, easy to find inspiration for design work and so many nice travel photos to see and share

Favourite Websites to check out?


Words you would like people to remember you by?

If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be better than what you are.

Inspirational Quote you like?

“As I live each day may I do my part, to make one difference to touch one heart, and through each day may it be my goal to encourage one mind and inspire one soul.”

Motivation Monday Genevieve Scullion