People in Focus: St. Macartan’s Marie Treanor hoping “to get past the line” at last with Club colleagues

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köp finasteride The St. Macartan’s success story is most definitely continuing and the club are on the brink of their finest hour of all heading into this weekend.

An Ulster Ladies Senior Club Football Championship final showdown with Monaghan champions, Donaghmoyne, will take centre-stage at 3pm in Galbally on Saturday and for the Clogher Valley side it will mean another opportunity to at last secure the one major club title which has so far eluded them.

Having recently completed another league and championship double in Tyrone, the league success providing a hugely impressive ‘five-in-a-row’ in the event, it would seem that this is arguably the strongest of the St. Macartan’s senior championship winning sides to emerge on the Ulster club trail.

“However, despite their impressive Red Hand credentials, St. Macartan’s face a tough challenge against nine time Ulster club champions and four time all Ireland club champions, Donaghmoyne, with a clutch of household inter county players, bags of experience and under the guidance of Francie Coleman they have enjoyed almost total provincial dominance since 2004.” (Check out match preview here on Teamtalkmag)

The eight times Tyrone senior champions however have made no secret of that burning desire to win at provincial level and are a side that is overflowing with high ranking county talent and players who have achieved at the highest level in schools football too.


We have already enjoyed excellent People in Focus Profiles from the club with established stars such as Maura McMenamin, Lynda Donnelly and Cathy Donnelly while we have also featured brilliant rising star, Slaine McCarroll, along the way in her endeavours with St. Ciaran’s College.

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email bekanntschaften gesucht In our latest People in Focus, Tyrone Life caught up with the unassuming and very talented St. Macartan’s full-back, Marie Treanor, and now we go into all our latest questions ahead of the biggest game of her career so far… 

St Macartans County Champions 2016

Celebrating 2016 Tyrone Senior Club Championship success – St/Macartan’s have now qualified for the Ulster Club final and will be hoping to claim that title for the first time on Saturday at the 8th attempt

Tyrone Life People & Focus…
Q&A with Marie Treanor, St. Macartan’s

go here Tell us about where you grew up, your community and any stand-out childhood memories:

I grew up in the townland of Aughadarragh just outside Augher, I live out in the country but right beside the local primary school. So it is always pretty busy. From a young age I was involved in a lot of different sports such as Irish dancing and GAA.

Characters in your community, fun stories which you remember and any events which really stand out for you when younger:

Francie the Yankee- He is everyones neighbour
PJ Treanor- he was a great man and could tell some stories always left you laughing

School Life: Tell us about where you went to school(s), favourite memories which you had from school and any inspirational/influential figures, events or moments which have really stood out for you there:

My school football started in St Patricks Primary School, Aughadarragh. We were very lucky to have some top class coaches there, the likes of Fergal Mc Cann and Sean O’ Kane. They took us for coaching once a week, ofcourse this was my favourite time of the week as it meant we got an hour out of schoolwork. Terence Mc Caughey had a big influence on all of us his passion for football really stuck with us as we managed to win a few Knockmany cups both the girls and boys.


St Ciaran’s College – Ulster U20 A Colleges Ladies Football champions 2014 St Ciarans College, Ballygawley – I thoroughly enjoyed my years of school football in St Ciaran’s. It meant playing alongside some hugely talented footballers from lots of different clubs who you are usually playing against such as Errigal Ciaran, Killeeshil, Galbally too name a few.

Maria Curran did a brilliant job in helping us achieve some glory whilst playing school football, it wasn’t always about getting out for the day. She had such a bond with all the girls and it was always great craic going to and from matches as being from the same club as myself we could keep the slagging going to the rest of the girls if there had been a club game the weekend before.

Selena Oguz also managed us in under 16’s were we managed to reach an Ulster Final but lost out to a strong Loreto side that year. She puts so much work into a team and has such a desire to win which makes you work that bit harder.


Marie captained St. Ciaran’s to the Ulster U20 A Colleges title in 2014


Swimming, shopping, catching up with friends

Sporting background and achievements?

  • 2 Senior Championships
  • 4 Senior League Titles
  • 1 Minor Championship
  • 2 Minor League Titles
  • 3 Under 16 League Titles
  • 1 Under 14 Feile title
  • 1 Under 14 League Title
  • 1 Ulster schools Under 20B title

Ladies Gaelic Football – My thoughts on…

Tell us about your experiences growing up playing ladies football – how you started?

I started playing football when I was in primary school after the homework was down we were shipped out to the garden daddy in nets and me and my brothers would practice taking shots and marking each other taking it in turns. We also played football at family gatherings which usually ended up getting too serious at times and dad stepped into referee.


St Ciaran’s College Teams: Can you tell us about your memories of playing with St Ciaran’s College teams and 5 players who you played with/seen there over the years who have stood out for you – and one word to best describe them!

I had such great memories of my time in St Ciaran’s playing alongside your class mates as well as winning with your best friends is something special. My greatest memory would have to be when I was in 7th year, my last year of school football and winning my first Ulster medal. We then went on to play in the all Ireland semi final stages. I had never played outside of Ulster before and it is a memory which will stick with me as a result. 

5 players who stood out for me in my time of being there were:

  • Eimear Mc Anespie – Great work ethic
  • Shannon Monaghan – Skillful
  • Laura Kane – Great Shot-stopper
  • Grainne Rafferty – Quick off the mark
  • Slaine Mc Carroll – All round ability

Marie Treanor in action in the 2016 Tyrone SFC final – Marie is part of a strong group of under-age stars who have emerged in the club in recent times to complement the vast array of gifted experienced players who are chasing that Ulster club gold

St Macartan’s Ladies Youth Teams: You have enjoyed a terrific run of success with St Macartan’s at youth level coming up through the ranks – tell us about some of the players from those youth sides who you played alongside who have stood out for you and your top 3 best memories of Youth football with St. Macartan’s?

There have been numerous girls who I have played alongside from under 14s and up who have been the reason we were so successful at under age level such as Lauren mc Caughey, Emma Mc Connell, Niamh mc Girr, Shannon Mc Quaid all really talented footballers and some who have yet to make a return once they finish their studies overseas (Emma).

The three best memories I had at under age was captaining St Macartans to their first ever Under 14 Tyrone Feile Title. Since it had been the first time the club had ever won it, it really was something special and an unforgettable weekend. The club really got behind us that year and travelled in large numbers down to Donegal were we were hosted by St Eunans in Letterkenny. We managed to make it to the all Ireland semi final and narrowly losing out by a point which caused quite a bit of controversy that day!!

Another memory which sticks out was heading down to the under 14 all Ireland 7’s in Dublin in a mini bus chauffeured by Yvonne that day. A few of the diehard parents that day mummy included, squished into the front alongside Sean Mc Elroy our manager at the time. It was a great experience playing teams from all different counties. In addition to this winning my first minor championship title was something not to forget as it was a long time coming which made the victory even sweeter as us bunch of girls had been working for it from under 14s.   


“My family have been the most influential figures in my life from I was no age Daddy had us out in the garden practising.”

St. Macartan’s Senior Team: Another fantastic year for St. Macartan’s at senior level with County league and championship double success already achieved and a place booked in the Ulster Club Final this Saturday. Tell us about your experience since coming into the Senior ranks of St. Macartan’s, the players who have inspired you within the squad and thoughts on winning the double in Tyrone and now looking ahead to the Ulster Final?

I moved up onto senior team 4 years ago and have loved every minute of it since then. The older girls have really taken us under their wing and have been great at bringing the youth on.

Cathy Donnelly – Her enthusiasm and commitment to St Macartans is something to be commended. Her work ethic on the pitch and her time spent coaching and helping the younger girls make the step towards senior level has been a huge reason for the ongoing success through the last few years.

Maura Mc Menamin – She has shown her ability to be able to play in lots of different positions comfortably throughout the years and this is exactly what every team needs. Throughout my young career Maura was one of the players I used to look up and inspire to be like with her brilliant attitude and work rate.

I am really looking forward to Saturday we have a great mixture within the squad. We have girls with lots of experience and then there is the younger players who are playing in Ulster club contest for the first time. Every game we have played after we got out of Tyrone was a bonus and to reach the final is a great achievement, I hope on Saturday we can express ourselves and achieve what we are capable of.

Life – My thoughts on…

What you are currently studying and any goals and ambitions you may have?

I am currently studying childcare and working full time in Eskra Playtime.

If someone was to ask you about coming to Tyrone what would you tell them were some of the best:

– Places to see:

  • Tyrone GAA of excellence in Garvaghy
  • St Patricks Chair and Well
  • Knockmany

– Things to do:

  • Corrick House Spa is first class
  • American Folk Park in Omagh

– Best Places to go for a night out:

  • Sallys
  • Spy

Favourite things to do at the weekends:

If I am not playing football dad and I are usually away watching my older brother Michael playing rugby or heading out with my friends.


Celebrating with St Macartan’s ladies at the 20 Year Celebration Banquet in 2012

Could you tell us what places you have travelled to – and best memories?

I went skiing with my school in 6th year to Italy which is a memory I will never forget as most of my year went as well.

My cousins and I all went to Portugal when I was younger having us all there together were memories we can look back on and think of the good times.

I also visited Croatia this summer with my cousin Ciara we travelled from the north island down to the south of the island it is a beautiful country which I will definitely be back to visit, its beaches are incredible.

Influential figures in your life:

My family have been the most influential figures in my life from I was no age Daddy had us out in the garden practising. Having three brothers I had to get used to taking hits and getting on with it. Daddy’s love of football seemed to pay off on me. I would have went to watch him referee games and watch my older brother Michael playing but Daddy’s love of football didn’t seem to rub off on him as he changed the Gaelic ball for a rugby ball. As sometimes Dad could be away refereeing I was never short of support.

Mummy could be found at any of my games, no matter where it was. Mum was very calm and collected outside of football but as the game started her enthusiasm and willingness for the girls to perform was evident. I would always hear her shouting from the stand “Come on Mars!!” Mum also worked in St Ciaran’s and she would always have had her name down to go to all my school games as well.


Celebrating St. Macartan’s success with family – Aidan, Eoin, Mum Anne (RIP), Marie and Michael

Sean Mc Elroy had a big influence on me he was one of the founder members of St Macartans. He took teams from under age up to senior as well as helping us to our first Feile win in 2010. He inspired all of the girls to achieve more in their football careers and a lot of us have now moved up to play senior football now. He always wanted the best for us girls there was no back doors in Sean he would give us constructive criticism as he wanted us to be the best we can be. He taught us all to enjoy the game and was great at getting everyone involved in the club. He would definitely be proud of what we all have achieved and would have been first there on Saturday to cheer us on.

For fun…

Funniest thing you would say has happened to you in your life:

Being attacked by one of my brothers chickens

Funniest person you know? One sentence that best describes them?

Niamh Barrett– She hasn’t one care in the world

You are holding a ‘Come Dine With Me’ and can have any 4 Guests in the World – who would you invite and why?

  • Conor Mc Gregor– For my brothers
  • Nicky Byrne– Westlife is my Favourite band
  • Tommy Bowe– Listen to his accent
  • Lauren Devine– Keep the drinks topped up

On the ladies football scene – 3 Funniest ladies footballers you know and a sentence for each one which you think best describes them:

  • Chloe Mc Caffery – ‘Marbs’ can come out with some great one liners!

  • Shauna Mc Girr– You don’t mess with Shauna!!

  • Michaela Woods– ‘Wee bapper’ She has a short fuse

Tell us your favourite Joke?

What kinds of biscuits fly around the room? Wee ‘plane’ ones


Ladies Football Players:

Maura Mc Menamin
Briege Corkery

‘Every Day is a School Day’ for Maura McMenamin (St. Macartan’s)

GAA Stars:

Conor Gormley
Conor Mc Manus


Katie Taylor
Brian O Driscoll


Westlife, Mumford and Sons, Avicci


Enjoying a night out with friends at ‘Fly Mondays’ in Belfast

Song(s): The Chainsmokers- Closer, Millionaire ft Nelly

TV Show(s): Suits, Pretty little Liars, Nashville

Movie(s): Any Harry Potter film really, The Holiday, The Hangover

Perfume(s): Lady Million

Item of clothing: Anything Causal

Mens Fashion Disaster – What not to wear?

Skinny jeans

Favourite fashion trend: Hoodies

Place (apart from home): Croatia

Pub: Dessies in Augher – he loves to see us come through the door, especially Chloe!!

Nightclub: Sallys

Shops: River Island, Dorothy Perkins, H+M

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter? Why?

Facebook, it is easier to manage than twitter and has all updates on ladies football.

Favourites websites?


Inspirational Quote?

“Skill might get you over the line, but attitude will get you past the line”

John Morrison