Rising Stars Profile: Chloe McCaffrey scoring power giving St Ciarans & St. Macs vital edge

There is no doubt that St. Ciaran’s College have been basking in the sunlight of a golden age of success on the playing fields in recent times and, in the year in which the mid Tyrone school is celebrating a special 50th Anniversary year, the school qualified for not one, but two All Ireland Senior Colleges football finals in the boys and girls codes.

The School may have lost out narrowly in their bid for outright famous national glory in the girls decider at Mullingar but there is no doubt that it once again signalled the high level of quality within the ranks of youth football in the O’Neill County.

Chloe McCaffrey has the blue ribband Cup of Ladies Schools Football in her sights

Top class attacking forward, Chloe McCaffrey, is a player who many within the ranks of the Ballygawley school seen as an inspiration ‘en route’ to that final and a quick look at the gifted St. Macartan’s club players CV in the past twelve months alone would give an indication why.

A Colleges All Star, Ulster Senior Club Gaelic Life All Star, Teamtalkmag Tyrone Young Ladies footballer of the year as well as a series of brilliant swashbuckling displays for her club seniors as they reached the Ulster club decider are just a few of the golden moments in a fantastic season for the young ladies footballer.

St. Ciaran’s Ladies U20 football team who have won Ulster and now contest the All Ireland A Colleges final

Chloe McCaffrey has the look of a hugely exciting young talent in the ladies game and you can expect to see her name very prominent in the years ahead.

Tyrone Life caught up with Chloe and here we bring our readers another in our People in Focus series and which will be also be the first in our “Rising Young Stars of Tyrone” series…

Q&A with Chloe McCaffrey (St. Ciaran’s College, Ballygawley)

School: Tell us about your Schools attended, stand-out memories and people who have had a big influence on you there:

“I attended St Patricks primary school in Eskra. I hadn’t really been involved in playing Gaelic until primary 7. I always had a big interest in playing but only joined St Macartans when I was 11. I enjoyed the different blitzes at primary school such as the Knock many cup and this encouraged me to become more actively involved in Gaelic. My biggest influence in primary school would have to be Cecilia Hackett who was our classroom assistant; she strongly encouraged me to join St Macartans as she thought I had potential.”

“I currently attend St Ciaran’s College Ballygawley where I have been given great opportunities to represent my school in Gaelic football and Cross country. There has been many stand-out memories such as our ulster and all-Ireland achievements. The biggest influence for me in St Ciaran’s in regards to ladies football would be Mrs Maria Curran. Only for her helping to encourage ladies football in the school it may not have been as strong as it is today.”

Chloe McCaffrey and many of her colleagues in this Year 8 Blitz will now be donning the school jersey in the All Ireland U20 A Colleges final

Achievements, Sporting & non-Sporting:
School : 2x u20A Schools championships, 1x u16A Schools championships , 1x u16 All-Ireland ‘A’ schools championship, 1 interprovincial championship
County 2x ulster County championships, 2x U14 ulster blitz

Club: 2x Senior Club championship, 3x Club league , 1 minor club championship, 1 u16 club league

Ulster handball doubles Medal

Teamtalkmag Younger player, Tyrone senior championship Top scorer, Gaelic life all-star, Colleges All-star

Other Interests/Hobbies: I like to play a bit of GAA handball with Cloideach Donaghy.

GAA Life – My thoughts on…

Ladies Football: How did you get into ladies football and your thoughts on what this sport and the GAA in general bring to communities:

I started playing football in 2010 for St Macartans ladies. I shared lifts with Aine and Aoife and this social aspect encouraged me to go to training. This has helped me gain friends that I wouldn’t have had today if I wasn’t involved with the GAA Community. I believe it develops bonds with the different communities involved.

Chloe McCaffrey pictured at the ulster Ladies Colleges All Star awards with her County all star colleagues

Schools football: Tell us about your stand-out memories of Schools football and what will be the best reflections you will have when you look back ten years from now:

The best memory of school football would be winning the u16 All-Ireland; this was my first prestigious competition win and one that I will treasurer for years to come. I was able to play with my club members and members from rival clubs and this is why school football unites the players from other clubs. This year’s achievements will also stand out as this is my last year playing football for my school.

Club Players: Could you tell us three players from your own club and three from another club who you expect to see put in big displays in club matches this year (any level):

Own Club: Tara O’Hagan, Grainne McKenna, Slaine McCarroll

Other Club: Meabh (RITA) Corrigan, Chloe Collins, Maria (the god) Canavan

Chloe McCaffrey starred for St. Macartan’s in their County senior championship title success in 2016

Can you tell us a bit about the St Macartans Ladies Football teams over the past year, your memories of an amazing campaign and a few words about your current playing colleagues:

We had a very strong team last year with a great mix of young and experienced players. It was great to be involved with this team as they pushed me on and helped me become a better player. The experienced girls on the team had a great work rate and team ethic and encouraged the younger girls on the team to ensure success and fun, which clearly paid off. Our managers, Ryan McMenamin and Connor McCarrol have to be thanked for our success also as they have driven us on all year.

You have enjoyed considerable success in the past few seasons with St. Ciaran’s College, Ballygawley.
Can you tell us about the Schools football programme in the School and teaming up with school colleagues from other clubs and winning at provincial and national level:

Schools football provides great opportunities because not only do you get to play with your club mates but also with club rivals such as Errigal Ciaran and killeeshil. We are lucky to have great feeder clubs and to be competing at the highest level successfully.

Tyrone Life – My thoughts on…

What are your favourite memories of growing up?
Going for cycles on a Sunday with some of my cousins and cycling to where ever we end up.

Could you tell us what places you have travelled to – and best memories?
I went to Spain a few years ago with my family, this created a bit of confusion with Ricey as I’ve been nicknamed ‘Marbs’ ever since.

If someone asked you what are the best things to do and places to go in Tyrone – what would you tell them?
The Tyrone GAA centre is some spot with a great view as well as Knockmany Forest

For fun…

Funniest thing you would say has happened to you in your life:
Playing Rugby in school P.E when I accidently close-lined Cloideach Donaghy and knocked her for 6. (She cried)

Funniest person you know? One sentence that best describes them?
Laura McAleer. Her and her one liners.

3 Funniest club colleague(s) in the changing rooms:

  • Aoife McNelis
  • Emma Mckenna
  • Lynda Donnelly

One Word Answer: Use one word for each what you think best describes each of the 3 players you named above:

  • Aoife- Classy
  • Emma- InstaMush
  • Lynda- Not-wise

Tell us your favourite Joke?
How do you make a Sausage Roll? Push it down a hill.

Spitting Image – Name two people you always thought were spitting image doubles?
Chloe Collins and Hey Arnold

Favourite Laugh out Loud Scene in a Movie?
Any Movie that Melissa McCarthy is in.

Fashion Tips…

1 Fashion tip for Boys:
Bin ripped Kneed Jeans

Favourite fashion brand:

1 annoying fashion trend:
Hoop earrings


Ladies Football Players:

  • Neamh Woods
  • Cora Staunton
  • Maura McMenamin

The Star pupil with the Star Manager/Teacher: Chloe McCaffrey is currently on the Tyrone senior team with her present schools manager and teacher, Neamh Woods

Click Here for People in Focus Feature with NEAMH WOODS

GAA Stars:

  • Diarmuid Connolly
  • Peter Harte


  • Conor Mcgregor

Celebrities: Melisa McCarthy, Adam Sandler


Band/Singer(s): Ed Sheeran

Song(s): Ed Sheerans new album

TV Show(s): Hollyoaks

Movie(s): Identity thief

Concert/Festival: Tennets Vital

Mobile App: Whatsapp or Snapchat

Perfume(s): Lady Million

Item of clothing/outfit: O’Neill’s skinny trackies

Place (apart from home): Strandhill beach in Sligo

Nightclub: Time

Shops: Topshop

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat? and Why?
Whatsapp, Football groupschats are a great job.

Best websites & why?
Pretty Little Thing

Inspirational Quote?
“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

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