TyroneLife.com is the first of a series of Special Websites and Social Content created to highlight the “positives” in communities throughout Ireland.

Focussing on the People, Places, Businesses and Events in the County of Tyrone, the Tyrone Life experience has rocketed in popularity since its inception in August 2014.

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TyroneLife.com is a branded Digital product from specialist Strategic Marketing and Publishing company, Every Step Mediaand will constantly focus on “looking ahead” and to the positives in society. This has already proven popular with “Massive Engagement” from a rapidly growing fanbase that surely ranks amongst the very best now in Tyrone and even further afield.

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Never before has the process of Marketing been so important to Business and there are many elements to that entire process…

This is way MORE than just Advertising – it is a Specialist “Proven” company offering Strategic Marketing for your Business as a whole!

Our ultimate goal is to engage our very large customer base to your business and products…

The Independent Analytics are showing massive engagement from our Fans and Readers who are now tuning in regularly every day to our website and Social Media experience. Take a look at this “Insights” statistics over the past month on our Social Media Site on Facebook alone…

While many Businesses and Pages build Large Fan Bases, the key to modern day Business Promotion is in the Engagement shown by Fans. The fact that over 300,000 Individual People “Engaged” with Tyrone Life in the month of August portrays a massive following to our Digital products.

The “Key Component” for Promotion and in the publicity of any Business Brand is to partner with a ‘positive’ brand which has major engagement with its readership. While the number of FANS continues to grow rapidly on Tyrone Life’s Facebook Page, currently sitting at 17,000 and Social Media Followers over 25,000 overall, the More Important Column from a Business perspective in looking to align with us is the ‘Reach’ and ‘Engagement’ Column – Have a look above.

We GUARANTEE that other digital mediums offering advertising and sponsorship opportunities will be doing very well to compare with this!

TyroneLife.com is providing a FULL online experience for our fanbase too. But Every Step Media are offering more than just an Advertisement with our Digital Portfolio.

We want to see Your Business thrive too – that is vital for us to highlight the “impressive added value” we can provide for your company or small business!

Gone are the days of placing an Advert and hoping for customers!

So how can we help your Business increase profile, build your customer base, increase product sales and revenue…

  • Business in Focus Features: including People interview Features (see our People in Focus Section), Video Features on your Business to Share with our Network – Launching in Autumn 2017.
  • Strategic placement of advertising and focus on your business – on a consistent month by month basis
  • Constant delivery of your brand and products through our range of digital products over One Full Year cycle – social media, website, digital magazine + featured in our FREE Digital Ezine which is emailed directly every fortnight to our database of 20,500+ subscribers (launching September 2017).
  • Our statistics are independent which clearly show MASSIVE Engagement from our Fans.
  • We will ensure that a similar strategy is employed for your Business Marketing with us or independently if already in place.

CLICK HERE to see our BOOKING Page and View Media Packages with Tyrone Life

Tyrone Life is enjoying huge readership and engagement figures every week – ensuring constant and consistent ‘Positive’ exposure for a company’s brand.

Make sure to pop over and see our Facebook Page for yourself. As you can see, so many people tune in every day to track all the emerging events, competitions, features and news as it happens!


  • Target your company advertising at all readers who are specifically viewing Tyrone communities, towns and features in the county
  • Excellent target audience through Website, Free Digital Ezine, bi-weekly newsletter and social media network
  • Impressive packages for profiling your business which can start from as little as £20 per month.
  • All advertising and sponsorship packages are then tied into the national exposure of the website

Also coming in December 2017 – a new look Tyrone Life Yearbook – stay tuned…

Expert Marketing Strategy & Planning

Advertising Quote Henry Ford 2 WEB

Every Step Media are also offering an overall tailored Package for your business providing impressive statistics in terms of Marketing and Promotion. We can build your own individual ‘Marketing Strategy’ in addition to the range of Sponsorship Packages available and can include:

  • website design & development, build and launch ensuring high exposure, plus ongoing campaigns for engaging your audience to your own brand through our online publishing network.

Everystep Media: Strategic Marketing

Instead of creating considerable expense with Marketing salaries or high-level Advertising which is not providing adequate engagement of your brand, why not consider an all-in Marketing Strategy, implementation, and sponsorship for less than £100 per month, from Everystep Media – proven to work!

  • No nonsense Marketing Strategy tailored for your Business or Organisation
  • Build an online presence
  • A more engaging frequent sponsorship package for a massive audience for 1 full year
  • Delivery of your Brand with a Positive rapidly growing Brand in County Tyrone
  • Assessment of your current Online presence and a strategy to ensure your Business is getting the best from this
  • Additional benefits can include Website design, branding and creation if required

Email us at sales@everystepmedia.com and we will contact you directly to discuss and provide literature and a follow-up presentation on how your Company could benefit from an association with our brand.

CLICK HERE to see our BOOKING Page and View Media Packages with Tyrone Life

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