Tyrone manufacturer Nugent Engineering announces £3.6m export deal

Tyrone Company and Engineering Firm, Nugent Engineering, could be set to create a number of new jobs in Galbally, following the annoouncement of  a new £3.6 million contract to export trailers to Norway.

Nugent Engineering is Ireland’s premier manufacturer of trailers, agricultural machinery, and livestock equipment, and currently, provide employment for 78 staff at their base in Galbally.

The company exports it’s specialised machinery and equipment right across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Nugent Engineering in Galbally could be adding to the 78 staff in their base following a new export deal worth £3.6 million to the compan


The family-owned firm will deliver a large range of commercial trailers to Tysse, Norway, enhancing the Norwegians’ current range by offering a fully welded chassis and Nugent patented parabolic suspension system.

Managing director Shane Nugent foresees this lucrative new three-year deal leading to further job creation at the firm, bringing new employment to the County.

“The interest in Nugent is increasing because Europe is fast becoming a market for high quality, robust trailers. Demand is showing a new generation of consumers, particularly in the Norwegian market, which has the highest number of trailers per capita due to its geography and rugged terrain.”

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