Tyrone Rose Genevieve joins Roses and Rose Escorts for brilliant Charity Single “It’s Time”…

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http://foodintravel.it/fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open%25252520Sans:400,400italic,700%2525257CNiconne http://www.dalelast.com.au/piskodrele/firyue/1281 ROSE of Tralee, Maggie McEldowney and Rose Escort of the Year John Slowey, along with their fellow 2016 Roses and Rose Escorts, recorded this single ‘It’s Time’ to raise much needed funds for CMRF Crumlin.

click John Slowey’s little cousin, James McGowan (5), went through chemotherapy in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin to treat an aggressive malignant “Ewings” sarcoma growing in his shoulder blade.

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James’s first course of chemo would last over four months and, in February 2016, he went through surgery which saw the removal of his shoulder blade. In September 2016 after a further six months of chemotherapy James’ CT and MRI showed no sign of sarcoma. His treatment was overseen by Consultant Oncologist, Cormack Owens.

James is thankfully one of the good news stories but unfortunately, there are so many others who are not so lucky. When a child you love is sick, your only concern is finding the best care available and try to help that child by any means possible.

fineco trading online Tyrone Rose of Tralee, Genevieve Scullion, has been very much involved in the single and the talented musician was of course delighted to play her part in such a fantastic endeavour for a great cause…

“For the It’s Time Charity Single I was more than happy to get involved. I was honoured to play guitar and sing on the track. The Roses and Rose Excorts from 2016 were all too willing to give a big effort for Escort of the Year, John Slowey’s charity campaign. We went to Leitrim in December and spent two days putting the voices, instruments and clapping together, we made some of the video that weekend then at another stage some of our Rose class visited Crumlin Children’s Hospital to visit the children and show them how the song was coming along. For many months a lot of work has went on behind the scenes by many hard working people connected to The Rose of Tralee and I have had the opportunity to help out with designing some of the promotional pieces for the single.”

“We have an amazingly talented Rose class and everyone has given time and effort to make this a huge success, now we just need anyone to get on board and download the single to help raise funds for John’s chosen charity CMRF Crumlin.”

At follow link CMRF and http://plasticrepair.es/?esminer=quiero-conocer-chicas-en-el-facebook&05f=3d Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, the team have one simple mission – helping kids and helping their families. In order to effectively provide the best care facilities for both children and families, so that we have more success stories like James’, much needed funds are required.

“It’s 99c/79p and for a very worthy cause. So much work has been going on behind the scenes by John Slowey, Leon O’Leochain and many other amazing people since Rose of Tralee International Festival in 2016 and every penny raised is a massive support to CMRF Crumlin who do amazing work for sick children…Thank you very much for all support

“It’s Time” for us to support all these children that need our help.

“It’s Time” for us to give every sick child a fighting chance.

“It’s Time” for us to provide the best health we can to our sick children.

”It’s Time” to make a change in someone’s life

Tyrone Rose, Genevieve, now set for historic first County final test with Killeeshil…