Ward sisters release powerful new music video “to encourage people to talk about suicide”

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http://energocredit.am/sdsd/1860 here The Ward sisters are embarking upon the release of their first ever album called ‘this is us’.

http://fitbodz.com.au/?frimer=forum-rencontre-amoureuse-sur-internet&0df=69 Before the release of the album, the girls are releasing a brand new music video and the second single off their new album called bekanntschaften leipzig kleinanzeigen “Why”.

This song is a powerful, emotive and stunning song, which centres around the gripping and ever present issue of suicide within our society.

source url Caryn explains that the song “Why” is extremely different to the types of songs the girls would usually sing.

“When we first heard it, it struck a chord with us and would not leave our minds. Not only in the power of the lyrics but also because the song is a true reflection of today’s world.”

The Ward sisters are embarking upon the release of their first ever album called ‘this is us’.

go here Colette explained how it was a song that needs to be heard by everyone.

“We wanted to release this track to encourage people to talk about suicide.” whileCait says that it is, unfortunately, a difficult topic to bring up in conversation and usually when it is talked about.. it is already too late and another beautiful life has been lost. Fortunately, music can commence were speech fails to find the words and if we can send this message to the rest of the world and do our bit to saves the lives of others then that is all we can hope for.”

If you find yourself affected by the content of the song, remember nsfw dating app Lifeline, the crisis helpline, is available 24/7 on 0808 808 8000

To be released 8th September! The album will be available to buy in all music shops and local shops.

The Ward Sisters are continuing to work hard on their music and can be contacted via Facebook as http://caboclonharaue.com/?kreosan=robo-para-op%C3%A7%C3%B5es-bin%C3%A1rias&540=dd Ward Sisters Music.